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Lea Quint

About me…

     I grew up in NYC in a family (literal and extended) full of artists. My ‘summer vacations’ were at the Guggenheim as well as any art show from Manhattan to Montauk and EVERYTHING to do with the arts in-between. Growing up, it seemed pretty uneventful…… but looking back, I realize now that it enriched my life in ways I cannot describe……….My ‘extended family’ came from all walks of life, which led me to travel all over the world, embracing culture at every chance.

    I am passionate and excited about, well, everything!!! Life in general, I suppose. If I had to name a few favorites they would be, not necessarily in this order, food, NYC, Long Island, people, music, ART and nature. I feel that I am high energy, I put my heart into everything, and anything I set out to do usually turns out pretty creative with awesome results.

I feel blessed and grateful.

        I hold a degree in Advertising, as well as a Bachelors in Special Education (K-12) and a Masters in Art Education from Brooklyn College. I have taught ALL over the place to ALL different kinds of people. There are too many signs, commissioned works, murals and other things to count. I have worked as an educator for 20 plus years for the NYC Board of Education as well as Public Schools, Private Schools, the Huntington Senior Center and at the Veterans Home. I am on the advisory board of the Living Museum in Creedmore Psychiatric Hospital. I have worked in the food service industry and actually loved it!!

In short, I am a very diverse people person.

       Currently, I reside in Greenlawn, and have been here for many years. I am excited to start this journey of inspiration in my community. My goal is that you would like to pARTake in this journey with me as well. I am always open to comments and suggestions… and recipes and cures for aches and pains.

Everyone has a creative bone in their body

and I want to help make it shine!

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